mysql keeps crashing, how to solve it?

I am using a very simple digitalocean basic server with 512mb RAM, and using Ubuntu 12.04 64bits

I tried the recommendations here:

But still keeps crashing, so I have looked for further information, and this one seems to be a good guide to tweak the server, both apache and mysql:

I think that the key point for me is that I chose Ubuntu 64 bits without being aware that 64 bits Ubuntu takes around 50% more memory than 32 bits

So now I guess the solution is to downgrade to a 32bit server, which will be a bit of a pain… but if this solves the performance issue, then I will surely do it.



4 thoughts on “mysql keeps crashing, how to solve it?

    • I have not been able to solve it properly in 64bit. It has only improved when I installed the WP Super Cache plugin, but if I deactivate it it will crash again. But I am planning to downgrade to 32bit as soon as I find a bit of time…
      Let me know if you find a better solution.

      • Hi Tyler, i have seen that the problem is highly related to ram. With the entry 512mb plan of DigitalOcean is not enough, and even less if the Ubuntu version is 64bit. I reinstalled a 32bit that is less memory demanding, and raised to 1giga ram. It does not crash now. Using cache plugins for wordpress did also help!

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