Send custom gmail emails from a list

There is this nice tool that will allow you to send a template to a list of users:

Custom emails gmail from list

Custom emails gmail from list

There is a more basic version here, that does not allow to add personalized variables inside the mail or even in the subject

There is another tool also from LabNol, that will allow you to track with Google Analytics that the mail has been opened or not:


List WordPress posts in a page

I wanted to do something very simple:

Use a page in my blog in order to list all the posts that I have written in the blog.

After doing some attempts using the loop, that were unsuccessful (there is something when loading a page that is different than loading a post, and the loop is restricted to that page, so probably you need to work around with a new query), so I tried to use other functions:

wp_list_pages ( but as explained here: it does not work for post_types that are not hierarchical, so it makes no sense to try to list the posts with it.

So I tried the function wp_get_archives ( and it works beautifuly.

Let me know your comments

How to disable notifications in Android

This works for Android 4.4 and for earlier versions as well

Go to settings > device > application

You will see the list of all apps. Select the one you want and uncheck the tickbox “show notifications”.


You can see the example of how to remove notifications.
This works to disable Facebook notifications in Android as well. Actually it works to disable notifications for any app in Android.

I am still waiting for the Android team to create a notification center where it is possible to manage this easier from one screen, ao there is no need to hop from one to the other to uncheck the magic box.

The best way of transferring address book contacts from one Android phone to another

How to transfer all the contacts from the address book of one phone to another?

You may find yourself in the situation where you are switching phones and you need to transfer all your contacts.

What is the best and easiest way to do it?

You have probably come accross a lot of programs in your web search in google, and you are confused about it and they look complicated.

I will give you an easy solution that worked for me when I had to transfer the contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S4 to a Motorola Moto E. This method works also as an easy way to make a quick back-up of your contact list.

Inside Contacts, go to Import/Export and select Export to storage (or Export to USB, it may say). This will generate a file with extension .vcf (virtual card format, vcard

This file will contain all your contacts. You can now import it into your new Android phone, doing the same process, selecting Import/Export and choosing the file. Previously you have to put the .vcf file into the home folder of your new phone. You can do this using a laptop to store the file, and then connect the phone to the laptop with USB.

If you need more help, just contact me!

good luck

Easy steps and hints to create a cron task in Ubuntu

A cron task is an instruction that is performed a a certain moment, as scheduled in a file called crontab.

In order to edit the crontab, do

crontab -e

and edit the line you want, with the time schedule at the beginning.

The format is

minute day hour day_of_month month day_of_week
More info on how to set the schedule here:

Remember tu reload the configuration, doing

service cron restart

If you would like to see if the cron is being executed, check the default log file (syslog):

grep CRON /var/log/syslog


How to change the permissions of files uploaded via ftp with vsftpd?

Following with the issues we had while configuring the ftp account in the Ubuntu server with vsftpd, we bring you another advice today.

In our case, we had to configure a webcam to upload images, and this is why we created the ftp server and user.

When I started uploading images, the permissions of the uploaded files were very restricted and I wanted to change them to 755 so the files could be seen from the browser.

So I followed this Basically you have to edit the config file:

sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

and make sure you have these three lines:


Then restart the ftp server

sudo restart vsftpd

Note: To me, restarting the service did not reload the configuration, so I had to reboot the server:

sudo shutdown -r now

Set-up ftp server in Ubuntu 12.04 with vsftpd, allow uploads to home folder

It you want a simple ftp server, you can use the great vsftpd.

Now, in my case I wanted to add an additional security feature, which is, to allow users only to access to their home folder and have write permissions to it. This was required for setting up an ftp connection with a webcam uploading images every x amount of time.

First, install vsftpd, but instead of installing the vsftpd version in the Ubuntu 12.04 package, you will need version 3, and this is a bit tricky.

I followed the instructions in this great post: But you need to add a line to avoid this error: sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found.

This line:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties (following this post:

And then the rest:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thefrontiergroup/vsftpd
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vsftpd

So now you will have version 3 of vsftpd installed. And this version allows this configuration line that you have to add:


And also uncomment these lines:


Without version 3, you would be receiving this error: 500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot ()

OK. Now let’s create the webcam user. I followed this tutorial:

And then modified the home folder of the webcam user:

sudo usermod -d /desired/upload/folder/path/ webcam

Remember to reload the vsftpd server:

sudo restart vsftpd

And that’s it! write a comment if we can help you further

Country codes in the i18n localization library for Rails

The powerful Ruby on Rails Localization library is truly awesome. We have discussed in other ocassions about it and also about ways of localizing the javascripts .

Today we have another item to discuss. It is about geographic/country specific versions of a language that you would like to offer to your users.

In this question, a user is asking how to manage codes such as en-US, en-GB, es-ES, i.e. language codes that include also a geographic code of the language variation that is used in a region or country:

Set the locale you want:

I18n.locale = ‘en_US’

And use fallbacks to sort out the specific differences you need to cover

config.i18n.default_locale = ‘en’
config.i18n.fallbacks = {
‘en_US’ => ‘en’,
‘en_GB’ => ‘en’,
‘de_DE’ => ‘de’,
‘de’ => ‘en’

The issue may be if you are using urls with the locale in order to manage the different versions. Because in a url you should not use underscores (even if Wikipedia does and quite successfully!!), see why you should not in this article:

So the urls would not be as clean. Maybe a solution is to use /en/ for all english content urls and underneath keep the geographic specific info en_EN or en_US.

Any suggestion? thanks for participating