Problem writing on NTFS external drive on OSX

When you format an external USB hard drive in Apple’s MAC OSX you may find that it is not possible to write on it. This is due to a permissions issue

I have found that a solution is to delete a file in your Mac to reset the permissions:

And there also seems to be another solution which is mentioned here, using the command line with diskutil:

Best tool to take screenshot in Apple OS X

I have been using cmd + shift + 4 for a long time, but it lacks some functionalities like taking a snapshot with certain aspect ratio.

I have found such functionality in Skitch, a free app for MAC OS X. It is now already one of my essential tools for mac


Avoid Spam in Contact form 7 WordPress

One of the issues is if you put the sender address, so I suggest you use the field reply-to as explained here:

Another thing you can do is filter the content with Akismet, the awesome Automattic anti-spam service, as explained in this other post:

I receive the forms sent in gmail, and I read that by adding the “from” address to the gmail contact list you avoid it going to spam, as said here , but my experience is that it does not. But there is another solution that works, which is, to use a filter and put the checkbox in “do never send to spam folder” (or equivalent text)

Send custom gmail emails from a list

There is this nice tool that will allow you to send a template to a list of users:

Custom emails gmail from list

Custom emails gmail from list

There is a more basic version here, that does not allow to add personalized variables inside the mail or even in the subject

There is another tool also from LabNol, that will allow you to track with Google Analytics that the mail has been opened or not:


List WordPress posts in a page

I wanted to do something very simple:

Use a page in my blog in order to list all the posts that I have written in the blog.

After doing some attempts using the loop, that were unsuccessful (there is something when loading a page that is different than loading a post, and the loop is restricted to that page, so probably you need to work around with a new query), so I tried to use other functions:

wp_list_pages ( but as explained here: it does not work for post_types that are not hierarchical, so it makes no sense to try to list the posts with it.

So I tried the function wp_get_archives ( and it works beautifuly.

Let me know your comments

How to disable notifications in Android

This works for Android 4.4 and for earlier versions as well

Go to settings > device > application

You will see the list of all apps. Select the one you want and uncheck the tickbox “show notifications”.


You can see the example of how to remove notifications.
This works to disable Facebook notifications in Android as well. Actually it works to disable notifications for any app in Android.

I am still waiting for the Android team to create a notification center where it is possible to manage this easier from one screen, ao there is no need to hop from one to the other to uncheck the magic box.