wifi tracking in mobile phones with MAC address may stop

Concerns about wifi owners spying wifi phones that pass by and transmit their MAC address may come to an end.

Apple iOS 8 is using a new system that generates random MAC addresses, so you cannot be tracked the next time you log into a wifi. 

This is better explained here: http://qz.com/218437/a-tiny-technical-change-in-ios-8-could-stop-marketers-spying-on-you/

We all know that wifi addresses can be spoofed easily, but never heard that it was possible in mobile phones.

Upset with Apple: replacing the battery in unibody MacBook Pro with triwing driver

Where is Apple heading to? do you think it is fair to make it a difficult task to replace the battery of a laptop?

Well, I think it is not fair at all.

It seems that Apple are deliberately using a weird screw format (“Tri-Wing”) so that the battery cannot be easily changed.

Thanks to the guys at iFixit I learnt how to do it myself: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Replacing+MacBook+Unibody+Model+A1342+Battery/1667/1

This is an amazing guide.

The difficult bit was to find the screw-driver, after some visits to specialized shops I could find it in a Nintendo specialist small shop, because the Tri-Wing is also used for Nintendo, and for little more in this planet, so it seems, after the time it took me to find it.

Dear Sirs at Apple: Please be more friendly when designing the engineering solutions to do simple tasks as to replace the battery. This is normally something an 8-year old should be able to do. And when I go to the shop, they tell me that it will cost €30-40 (around $50) for a technician to do it. Excuse me, to do what? to unscrew two screws? just because they put an unusual head format (Tri-Wing) without a given reason.

You must be joking!!!!

Apple please reconsider. This is not the way.

Signed: An Apple fan (I have owned more than 10 Apple products so far, and would like to keep doing it!)