wifi tracking in mobile phones with MAC address may stop

Concerns about wifi owners spying wifi phones that pass by and transmit their MAC address may come to an end.

Apple iOS 8 is using a new system that generates random MAC addresses, so you cannot be tracked the next time you log into a wifi. 

This is better explained here: http://qz.com/218437/a-tiny-technical-change-in-ios-8-could-stop-marketers-spying-on-you/

We all know that wifi addresses can be spoofed easily, but never heard that it was possible in mobile phones.

iPhone better than Samsung for Instagram use

What mobile phone is better for Instagram users? Iphone or Samsung Galaxy?

I have been testing both for several months, and the clear answer is:

iPhone is better than Samsung for instagrammers

I am not an Apple fan boy, as you can read here, I am critical with some Apple policies.

I am comparing an iPhone 4 with Samsumg Galaxy s4. Being the s4 a newer phone, I still find the iPhone better. The size is much better to use as a handy camera, plus the option of using the camera straight from the home protected page is an awesome functionality that I cannot find easily in Android (I’m using KitKat version). The only advantage I see using Android, is that it is more flexible when sharing the photo between application, so you can share to Instagram directly from the camera library, something that is not possible in iPhone due to restrictive Apple policies.

And what is your opinion about the best phone of Instagram? I would like to know, please share with me in the comments