Problem writing on NTFS external drive on OSX

When you format an external USB hard drive in Apple’s MAC OSX you may find that it is not possible to write on it. This is due to a permissions issue

I have found that a solution is to delete a file in your Mac to reset the permissions:

And there also seems to be another solution which is mentioned here, using the command line with diskutil:

taking screenshots in Mac: advanced techniques

i was stuck in the comand + shift + 4 keyboard combination that takes screenshots in Mac.

Thanks to this great tutorial

I am now aware that you can:

– resize in one dimension with shift

– expand proportionaly(?not sure) with alt

– move, with space bar

enjoy the new productivity you’ll reach by using them

Enabling Apache logs in MAMP Pro

MAMP Pro uses a template to configure the apache configuration file. So you have to open MAMP  Pro and open templates apache, as described here

Then change the lines as explained here

and restart apache!

You will now be able to see the logs in real time using
tail -f /Applications/MAMP/logs/apache_access.log

more performance for your WordPress install

i look forward to installing my next WP blog under nginx

This guide looks a good start:

and this for a Varnish improvement

and if you have a Mac, then you can install locally this set