Testing websites in Internet Explorer for Windows, using Mac or Linux with VirtualBox

If you develop your website applications from a Linux of a Mac platform, you will have problems to test your websites in Internet Explorer.

Thanks to Microsoft initiative www.modern.ie, it is possible to download a Virtual machine for VMWareParallels or VirtualBox for free, with various versions of Internet Explorer preinstalled. This is a official Microsoft site for all information related to testing IE, great for developers.

Direct download of virtual machines: http://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools#downloads

Your problems with Internet Explorer will be easier to tackle if you start testing the browser with this virtual machines.

Thank you Microsoft for helping the community to build IE compatible websites.

Tips and tools for Sublime text editor productivity

Sublime text editor is a great tool for programmers. This is my top list of shortcuts to get the most out of it:

– Comment lines of code: Cmd + Shift + 7

– Search a file to open: Cmd + p

– Vertical selection: Ctrl + shift + cursor up/down

– If you want to replace several strings that are the same, select it and then press Cmd + Ctrl + G

– To add tabs to a paragraph, select it and press Tab key. You can also configure the Tab to make two spaces instead of the regular tabulation.

Another very powerful tool is to use the package manager and enjoy the wide variety of packages. Among these:

– Emmet, http://docs.emmet.io/

This tips are for Mac OSX, if you are using Linux, I think you just need to use Control instead of Cmd.

These are just very quick tips. For an in depth analysis, have a look at these great posts on Sublime productivity and tips:



Thank you to the Sublime team, Emmet, Will Bond (Package Manager)

New Terminal at Folder in Mac OSX

A very useful service is to be able to open the terminal while you are browsing with the Finder. I was using that until I had to reformat the Mac and I did not recall that this feature has to be activated.

Thanks to this answer in Stack Overflow, I learnt how to put it back: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/420456/open-terminal-here-in-mac-os-finder

System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services