The best way of transferring address book contacts from one Android phone to another

How to transfer all the contacts from the address book of one phone to another?

You may find yourself in the situation where you are switching phones and you need to transfer all your contacts.

What is the best and easiest way to do it?

You have probably come accross a lot of programs in your web search in google, and you are confused about it and they look complicated.

I will give you an easy solution that worked for me when I had to transfer the contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S4 to a Motorola Moto E. This method works also as an easy way to make a quick back-up of your contact list.

Inside Contacts, go to Import/Export and select Export to storage (or Export to USB, it may say). This will generate a file with extension .vcf (virtual card format, vcard

This file will contain all your contacts. You can now import it into your new Android phone, doing the same process, selecting Import/Export and choosing the file. Previously you have to put the .vcf file into the home folder of your new phone. You can do this using a laptop to store the file, and then connect the phone to the laptop with USB.

If you need more help, just contact me!

good luck