How to change the timezone in Ubuntu server

If you need to change the timezone of your server, just run this simple command

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

It will guide you through a menu to select the geographical zone and the time of your preference.

More info:

UTC, GMT and DateTime standards, add to calendar

At some point I had to face it! what’s the difference between UTC and GMT?

From what I see in rails, GMT takes into consideration DST, Daylight Savings Time, whereas UTC is always the same.

For example,

I am in CET, Central European Time. As I am writting we are in may, so we are in UTC +2, but we are GMT +1. In wintertime we will go back to UTC +1 but still we will be in GMT +1.

About DateTime standards.

We have all experienced at some point the pain of translating US datetime, which are yyy-dd-mm to the (I have to say) more reasonable standard yyy-mm-dd. Why is the latter more logical to me? because it can be sorted in an easier manner.

The microformat hCalendar gives a great standard for all this, and I am using it with this nice javascript library to add to calendar stuff:

More on this: