How to share folders in Virtualbox with Ubuntu VM running in Windows


– Install the Guest Additions installed
– Configure the folder you would like to share. I recommend self-mount and permanent options
– Reboot the machine
– You may have read permission issues, then run the command sudo usermod -a -G vboxsf to give it rights

Testing websites in Internet Explorer for Windows, using Mac or Linux with VirtualBox

If you develop your website applications from a Linux of a Mac platform, you will have problems to test your websites in Internet Explorer.

Thanks to Microsoft initiative, it is possible to download a Virtual machine for VMWareParallels or VirtualBox for free, with various versions of Internet Explorer preinstalled. This is a official Microsoft site for all information related to testing IE, great for developers.

Direct download of virtual machines:

Your problems with Internet Explorer will be easier to tackle if you start testing the browser with this virtual machines.

Thank you Microsoft for helping the community to build IE compatible websites.